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Grandson Makes His Grandfather's Birthday Wish Come True By Buying Him A Jaguar

Playing Grandson Makes His Grandfather's Birthday Wish Come True By Buying Him A Jaguar

A popular YouTube vlogger made his grandfather’s birthday wish come true by surprising him with his dream car.

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British YouTube personality Tom Cassell, also known as Tom Syndicate, went to a Jaguar dealership in England to purchase the luxury car for his grandfather.

“I promised I would buy him a Jaguar when I was younger," Cassell said in a video posted on YouTube. "He said, ‘If you ever make money, Tommy, you better buy me a Jaguar.’ Because of you guys giving me this opportunity, I have been able to make my granddad’s dream come true.”

In an email to, Cassell explained that he first had the idea to treat his grandfather to the car when he was just 11 years old.

"I was playing video games at his house and in the game I was driving a Jaguar," he recalled. "He jokingly implied to me that when I had enough money when I was older that I'd buy him the car.

"Obviously being the young I CAN DO ANYTHING kid I was, I said YES!"

As the video shows, Cassell hid in the truck of the car and waited for his grandfather, Harry Spencer, to arrive at the dealership with his dad. 

The 22-year-old's dad began filming the moment as his son popped out of the trunk to say: “Happy Birthday, pop!”

Spencer thought his grandson was in America and was shocked to see him.

The folks at the dealership even brought out a special cake to celebrate the occasion.

Tom and his grandfather went for a ride and when they arrived back home, the birthday boy was like a kid in a candy store, filled with excitement examining his new car.

Spencer opened all the doors, seats and windows in the car and managed to lock himself in the backseat thanks to its child safety locks. But now he's getting used to it, Cassell said.

"He loves the car and drives it like a true gentleman," he told

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Before the incredible gift, Spencer had driven a Toyota Rav-4, which he used to drive his wife around before she passed away from motor neuron disease (ALS). Cassell continues to raise money towards finding a cure through a JustGiving page.

Cassell was very proud he was able to do this for his grandfather and posted about the experience on Instagram:


I'm so happy right now!! Today is my Granddads Birthday & he thought I was in America, little did he know.. I was round at the Jaguar dealership signing the paperwork & paying for his brand new Jaguar! I promised I'd buy him one when I was 11 years old & the sneaky bugger never forgot! 😂 11 years later I followed through with my promise 😄 Thank you all for making this possible! - Tom x

A photo posted by Tom Syndicate (@mrsyndicate) on Apr 26, 2016 at 7:28am PDT

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