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How to Make Your Beauty Products Multitask: Get the No7 Offer Here

Playing How to Make Your Beauty Products Multitask: Get the No7 Offer Here

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The average American woman uses around 16 products every day but finding beauty products with multiple uses can streamline your routine and de-clutter your bathroom cabinet.

Beauty expert and No7 spokesperson Cheryl Kramer Kaye is sharing tips to get the most out of your beauty products, such as foundation.

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"Look for one that's a primer and a foundation in one," she said.

She suggested using lip balm to tame stray eyebrows and flyaway hairs.

"And a light eye shadow could be used three different ways," she said. "Across your lids, on your brow bone and on your check for a little highlight."

And while you think you might need two separate products for your face and neck, you can actually use the same skincare for both.

"My secret weapon? The new No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Serum," Kramer Kaye said.

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It has 5 clinically proven results: on the face, visibly reduced wrinkles, improved firmness and a more even skin tone. On the neck, it improved firmness and visibly reduced crepiness.

And, she said, "users saw younger looking skin on their face and their neck in just a week."

What makes the serum especially unique is its added complex of calcium amino acids, she explained. Just as your bones need calcium as you age, so does your skin.

"This ingredient boosts skin strength to fight crepiness, which is a key concern among women as they age," she said.

Best of all, she says the serum is widely available and affordable. Find it at Walgreens for under $35 and for a special offer, click here.

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